Computed Tomography (CT or CAT Scan) is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art diagnostic procedure using x-rays that rotate around the patient and produce a series of cross-sectional images of selected parts of the body. Once the scanner has made several of these images, its powerful compute combines the different pictures to create cross sectional views of the body. These images provide physicians with an unobstructed view of organs and structures not seen clearly on conventional x-rays.

Our Multi-Slice CT offers a faster, more efficient scan than spiral or helical CT Scanners. Our scanner allows large volumes to be scanned at the optimal time following intravenous contract administration making the patients experience as quick and pain free as possible.

CT Scans provide detailed views of all types of tissue. That makes it the most versatile study for all parts of the anatomy. It is essential for studying the lungs and other internal organs as well skeletal and spinal studies.